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Story of our Beliefs

The Story of our Beliefs is actually an adult Bible hour class I recently taught at Grace Baptist Church here in Manhattan, Kansas. This page functions as sort of a home page for the class and is a storage site for class presentations and comments.

In the class we look at a different theological point each week and place the subject in its historical context. I have a lot of fun teaching the class, but staying on subject is always a challenge. Our goal is not to master church history, or become expert theologians, but to be able to place the discussions of doctrine in their broader context.

This page is open for anyone to visit and read, but please be kind and  only comment if you are a part of the class. There are plenty of other pages open for comments from anyone, but I would like to keep the discussion here reserved for class participants.

Here are the links to the slide presentations we viewed in the first semester:
And here's what we did in the second:


  1. I have enjoyed looking at the notes on the classes I have missed. Thanks for setting this website up and for sharing your teaching gift with us! Jenny Antholz


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