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Our beliefs

Everyone believes in something. At, we believe in God. Well, to be more specific, we believe in Jesus Christ. To be even a little more specific, we believe in the tri-une, self-revealing God who created the universe and is carrying out his sovereign plan of salvation for fallen and rebellious mankind.

We could go on, of course. Adding more and more specific language to what would become a full-fledged statement of faith. That's how simple credos become huge doctrinal statements. Once you start specifying what you believe, you have to get more specific. Almost never does anyone come along and say, "that statement of belief is too detailed, I think I will cut something out." These things just keep growing until you have to defend minute clarifications that are more specific than the Bible.

Eventually, this page will look something like a statement of faith. We already sense we can't stop it from growing on its own. For the moment, however, we prefer to keep things simple. We believe in Jesus, seeking to obey and follow Him. He is savior of all who believe and his death on the cross was followed by his resurrection and ascension. We await impatiently his return, when all things will be restored.

By now, you, the reader, are already attempting to classify this modest little Web page, as you slide us into a pigeon-hole of a theological belief system. We will get around to that ourselves, as the written posts multiply and more details of what we believe become apparent.

This is just a start, however. We are on a journey of belief. More details will follow, as they inevitably do, so thanks for your patience.