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God made a covenant with Abraham. In doing so God made some amazing promises to this wanderer. God promised to bless him, to make him a blessing to all the nations, and to multiply his seed so that his offspring was as numerous as the stars of heaven.

In Genesis 15:6, we read,"And he believed the Lord and He considered it as righteousness for Abraham."

That little phrase, "he believed," brings us to the heart of what God found favorable in Abraham. Abraham believed God.

We all believe in something. Everyone accepts some precept, some truth, as a matter of faith. Even those who deny the existence of a supernatural deity will accept by faith the power of their own intellect to determine what is true and what is not. Every worldview, every system of belief -- or even non-belief -- is founded upon something that must be accepted by faith.

Abraham chose to believe in the promises of the Lord. We do too.