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Worldviews? Meh! Let's talk History

It has become quite fashionable for believers to speak of having a "Christian worldview." For a time, not so many years ago, to have an opinion about a "Christian Worldview" (please note the quotes), was a badge that said, "I have a better philosophy than you." Soon more and more believers caught on to this little phrase and everyone began to repeat this like a magic password, "worldview," until it simple fell into cliche. Now, the use of the word is so commonplace its significance has all but disappeared. This is especially true since more often than not, the person using the word is not really speaking about a worldview at all. Too often the idea of a "Christian worldview" is used to refer to a certain philosophy or a point of belief far removed from the central tenant of that person's foundational perspective on the world. Speakers and writers use the phrase to mean they hold to a high view of Scripture, or they believe in Go