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Jeremiah, the Temple, and Political History

Twenty-six centuries or so ago, the prophet Jeremiah walked into the temple in Jerusalem with a message from the Lord. That message was ignored then, just as it is being ignored today. This is evidenced by the fact many evangelical Christians in the USA have in recent decades focused their attention on the democratic political process and partisan agendas in an effort to “restore a Christian America,” or some similar goal. Those who would seek to protect their religious liberty, however, defend family values, or affect moral change in America through the political process would do well to listen to the prophet. Jeremiah’s basic message centered on the coming judgment, an invasion by the Babylonians, because the people of Judah had broken the Covenant established centuries before by God with Israel through Moses. The curses of the Covenant (see Deuteronomy 28-29) were coming because the people of the Lord were unfaithful to Him as they lusted after idols. At one point in his prophet