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Hannah: Ode to the King

We all yearn for something. Our hearts ache for something we don't have, for circumstances to improve, or for some particular problem to be resolved. From Jan Victor's 1645 painting, Hanna giving her son Samuel to the Priest. It's a natural consequence of being creatures made in God's image and then having to live within a fallen, broken world. We know things could be, should be, better. Life is broken and we want it fixed. We also know we should find all satisfaction in the presence of the one who created us, but our hearts still ache. That's how hearts work when they live in a fallen world, but were created for heaven. We yearn for heaven's glory, but we live with the results of man's rebellion within us and around us. Under these circumstances, we find satisfaction difficult to get.

Anyone know a good story?

Everyone loves a good story. Stories draw us out of our own world and allow us entrance into another place, maybe into another time, but always into another worldview. It makes little difference if we enter into a story through a book, a movie, or simply a friend's account of what happened on vacation. Stories are transformative. Joseph Consigned to the Pit , from the Phillip Medhurst Collection. It's no wonder then that so much of the Bible comes to us in the form of a story. From the opening tale of humanity's beginnings to the future consummation of all things, the Bible, above all else, recounts a story. And, as we will see below, it's a good story, a redemptive story. The biblical stories also carry meaning to the readers. And here, I'm not talking about what the stories mean, or how to interpret them. No, I mean the biblical stories give us meaning. Real meaning. Meaning to life, meaning to death, meaning to history. Believers spend too little time r