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Stick Figure Theology

First, a little caveat to say I like theology. Really I do. No, really. I do. It's just I believe we haven't been doing too good a job doing  theology for awhile now. Like, say, the last two millennia. I really don't intend this to be another typical rant against the practice of Christian theology, with stuff like "theology divides and Jesus unites." It does and He does, but that's not my point. I don't want to attack theology with simple and easy put-downs. We need theology. We need vigorous and life sustaining theology. Heresy, is real and especially dangerous when the Gospel of Christ and his kingdom is distorted. Theology, or the study of what we believe about God, is important. We just haven't been doing a very good job I fear. My basic complaint against the practice of theology has to do more with the practitioners, us, than with theology itself. We think we understand more than we do. It's a worldview thing. The underlying assumpti